1967 Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face – BC209C Excellent, $810.00

1967 Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face – BC209C Excellent, $810.00

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Note that Gary has also called the Vox Tone Bender and Arbiter Fuzz Face, ‘​cheap Made by Sola Sound for the Dallas Rangemaster line (pre Dallas-​Arbiter), sold in The date is reinforced by the MK1 and MKII Tone Bender ads from.

V two transistor Tone Bender circuit, very similar to the Fuzz Face sound. This is probably the most well known version of the Tone Bender. Joe approached the manufacturing company Eko in Italy about making the Wah. Eko declined, but Eko’s manufacturing manager, Ennio Uncini , wanted to do it. Jen later marketed a line of pedals under their own brand beginning in It was sold around the world, and is usually the unit most people think of when they hear the name Tone Bender.

The most likely reason for JMI to use Italian production instead of continuing to use Sola Sound would have been that the mass production capabilities were far larger at JEN, and the Italian’s charged less than Sola Sound. Vox products were sold world wide, so capacity would have been the primary factor. Vox had used multiple manufacturers for Organs, Wah Wah pedals, and guitars in the past, to meet demand for product, so this was common. Eko declined, but Eko’s manufacturing manager, Ennio Uncini, wanted to do it.

Jen then began to market a line of pedals under their own brand in Thomas Organ patented the Wah circuit design, but by the time the patent was granted there were already dozens of copies of the pedal on the market.

Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face

Dating from the late 60s – has BCCs. Required a new pot, jack socket – sounds stunning. Missing rubber tread from face. Surely one of the most iconic vintage guitar pedals, in excellent condition for its age. See detailed photos.

Arbiter Electronics Ltd. first issued the Fuzz Face in Later units bear the “​Dallas Arbiter”, “Dallas Music Industries Ltd.”, “CBS/Arbiter Ltd.” or “Dunlop.

The Tone Bender Timeline. This page is periodically updated to reflect new information. Do not reprint or repost without permission. Last update March The patent is only for the USA, not international. It is possible both Dick Denney and Gary Hurst could have each given fuzz boxes to the Beatles, since they were both around them from time to time in their work capacity.

There is some verification to the claims. In trying to track down exactly where and when the Gary Hurst account occurred, I checked the dmbeatles. It appears the Beatles were either touring, performing, recording at Abbey Road, or attending other events constantly. Most of the Beatles rehearsal time seems to have actually been in the recording studio. One would assume they did rehearse outside of the studio, and this part of London was the theatre district, with numerous places to rent as a rehearsal space.

Gary Hurst has stated Jeff was one of the early users of the wood boxed Tone Benders, and came into Macaris often.

Ibanez Tube Screamer

The Fuzz Face is an effects pedal for electric guitar , used also by some electric bass players. It is designed to produce a distorted sound referred to as “fuzz,” originally achieved through accident such as broken electrical components or damaged speakers. Arbiter Electronics Ltd.

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It’s common knowledge that Hendrix used stock Strats that he purchased from local music stores and he went through many of them. Some guitars were sacrificed in onstage rituals, while others were given as gifts to friends and admirers, or sometimes left with friends in different cities so that he would always have an instrument to play while visiting.

This three-tone sunburst Stratocaster was one of the very last instruments acquired by Jimi Hendrix before his death. According to McFadden, Hendrix was planning to begin work on a recording project called “Bolero,” which was never released and perhaps may never even have been started. In an interview after the guitar’s reappearance, bassist Noel Redding recalled that Hendrix had used this sunburst instrument during an informal jam at the studio. After its service at Electric Lady, the guitar was presented as a gift to one of Hendrix’s female friends who kept it until It was later sold at auction by Christie’s in and is now displayed by its new owner in a private collection.

Guitar Effects

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For sale is this vintage Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face distortion effects pedal. This rare Blue example is in very excellent all original condition. It is pre-decal.

Disclaimer: A fuzz face is not an easy pedal to get a great sound out of! If you have a Cort guitar and a Crate amp, don’t expect to sound like Jimi with a fuzz face. You will have to have an excellent guitar and amp, have played for at least several years, and used some other fuzz pedals to appreciate the sound and feel of our Sun Face or modified Fuzz Faces.

It may also take some time to figure out how to make it work well with your other equipment. Our Sunface and modified Fuzz Face pedals are made for the pros, but even a beginner should be able to get great tones if you work at it. Unlike a pedal like a Tube Screamer, which will always sound good if the right chip and other parts are installed correctly, a fuzzface is a very finicky circuit. Germanium transistors were the first type of transistors generally available, starting in the early s.

They are not very stable or easy to manufacture consistently. Since silicon transistors took over from germanium in about , almost nobody makes germaniums anymore, and the few that are made just don’t do the trick in a fuzzface circuit. Each transistor used in a fuzzface needs to be tested for several parameters including gain, leakage, noise, and tone to make a great sounding fuzz. These transistors are just not available in any decent quantity. For these reasons, it’s really tough for a large company to mass produce a classic germanium fuzzface that sounds good.

Arbiter Fuzz Face

Condition is Used. It sounds great. Part of the pedal case is broke,Where the silver screw latches. I got it broken many years ago.

and the change from Arbiter to the Dallas-Arbiter brand: A second, slightly different sand-cast enclosure appeared in ’68 (pot codes in these date to May and.

As far as electric guitars, Jimi Hendrix is mostly known for playing Fender Stratocasters. A few worth mentioning here is certainly the early s white Stratocaster — which was allegedly the only guitar Jimi had with him when he first came to England. But perhaps, the most notable of them all was the white Fender Stratocaster that Jimi played during the Woodstock festival on August 16, His acoustic guitars collection was however far more scarce.

He was only really filmed playing two — a s Zemaitis string , and an Epiphone FT Regarding amps — the things were somewhat simpler. He also went through a period during which he used Sunn amps exclusively but returned to the Marshalls soon after. He also experimented with a lot of unusual pedals at that time, such as the Roger Mayer Octavia and a Univox Uni-Vibe. Please note that this is just a quick basic guide for beginners. To see the equipment that Jimi actually used himself, and all that went into it, refer to the chronological list below.

These amps are configured so that they emulate the tube amp sound, obviously through modern means. According to others [Becoming Jimi Hendrix, Steven Rody], that story is actually connected to his second electric guitar, a […]. However, Hendrix himself stated that the Danelectro was actually his first guitar, so it is possible that the Supro was borrowed.

SunFace and Fuzz Face Pedals : What’s the deal?

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Read about ‘Arbiter Fuzz Face Effects Pedal – Silicon Transistors’ on as a result Dallas-Arbiter began equipping the Fuzz Face pedals with.

Last update July Linking to this website is allowed, but copying the text content is strictly prohibited without prior authorization. This is a list of all the market release dates for most major fuzz box pedals and Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi pedals, and related fuzz pedals and clones from the mid ‘s to the mid ’70’s. To put everything in context, the list includes the creation of the first recorded fuzz tones in rock and roll, and significant songs or albums the fuzz tone appeared on.

Some dates should be considered approximate as there is no way to verify the exact year for some of these products. Some dates came from articles in books, magazines, or trusted internet sources, but most have been verified in more than one way. Thanks to all the folks on the incredible D. DAM is a superb resource full of great folks who love vintage stomp boxes. If you have info to verify or correct a date, or see an omission, please let me know.

Contact – nasnandos kitrae. A note on circuit “design” credits – There is much debate on how much actual designing went on in the creation of these early fuzz circuits. It should be noted that basic amplifier circuits appeared in Mullard, Valvo, GE, and Phillips application books in the ‘s, ’60’s and ’70’s.

Vintage Fuzz Face, need information

Mesure d’audience ROI statistique webanalytics par. The Dallas-Arbiter Fuzz Face has been around since , and it shows no signs of dying any time soon. Through this design’s past you’ll find all kinds of different variations in the basic original circuit, from PNP Germanium to NPN Silicon, and a countless number of fuzz pedals that are based on it.

Dallas Arbiter England – Fuzz Face All original and in excellent condition for its age, dating is not so easy, but both pots ared stamped ´69 and I believe.

Jul 14, 1. Jun 27, Nashville. I’ve been trying to find out information on my Fuzz Face. I’ve spent a lot of time searching the innerwebs here’s what I have so far based on my recollections and things I’m certain of: I know I used this in a band in Chattanooga circa I moved to Atlanta in The pots have a date code on them pictures to follow. Some websites say , so that poses a problem with the dates on the pots. The Crest Re-issues did not happen until My Fuzz Face seems to be almost identical to the one labeled “?

The transistors are BCc What else is there to know about this box? Jul 14, 2. May 8, San Diego, CA.

Dallas Arbiter England / Fuzz Face / 1969 / Grey-Blue / Effect

This was original posted in Analog Man’s forum in Spring of I started working for Crest Audio in fall of One day while I was looking for parts in the one of the stock rooms, I came across a FuzzFace. It was blue, nearly two inches tall in height and it said Dallas Music Industries on the mouth.

Dallas Music Industries (DMI) used to be Dallas Arbiter. I was working for the company that manufactured FuzzFaces in the mid-late ’60s! How.

It produces a characteristic high distorted sound called fuzz. Ivor Arbiter took the round shaped enclosure idea from a microphone stand and it was the first pedal including a DPDT stomp-switch. The effect became very popular because Jimi Hendrix played it and there were not many distortion pedals around at that time. The gist of the Fuzz Face remains in the simple circuit that uses eleven components 2 transistors, 4 resistors, 3 caps and 2 pots and the astonishing tones created with them; delivering a soft asymmetrical clipping that changes to hard clipping in both semi-cycles under the fuzz pot action.

Arbitrer Electronics manufactured the pedal from to , Dallas Music Industries did a final batch in , after that the production stopped. During its lifetime the pedal went through some minor cosmetic but major sonic changes. The fuzz face was re-issued from to In Dunlop took over the production selling the fuzz face in different flavors. This analysis covers the first Arbitrer Fuzz Face model equipped with PNP germanium transistors from the first releases which are considered the best sounding.

The Fuzz Face Models. Fuzz Face Circuit. Fuzz Face Input Stage. Fuzz Face Output Stage. Fuzz Face Global Feedback Network.

Dunlop Fuzz Face

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